How to prepare a tender document

Tendering process success depends on the quality of the bid submitted.

Steps involved in the tendering process:

Every year state, the central, federal government invites private companies to bid for the tenders published by them. The tenders are basically the buying requirement of the government. The tender requirement varies from work, service, and supply sector. Tenders are floated as per the government requirements, like construction, consultancy, goods etc. There are many domains which provide information about government contracts, however, to get the best information at a reasonable price refer dgMarket.

The tender process of different government shares a very common procedure. So the steps to be taken for drafting the tender proposal are almost the same.

Vendor registration:

To keep updated with the new tender opportunities the very first step is to do vendor registration with the government buyers. Since this is a lot of time-consuming work for registering with each government for tracking tender information, the best way is to use the services of tender data providers like dgMarket.

Attending the tender information providing sessions:

If your company is registered with the government then make sure that all the tender information related sessions are attended by you.  This is the best platform to interact with the agency and to ask queries and to create a good relationship with the agency. This also gives exposure to develop contacts with companies for sub-contracting opportunities and also for developing possible consortium if required for the bids.

Developing a strategy for responding to tenders:

Before bidding for any tender ask few questions to yourself:

  1. What is the cost involved in preparing tender?
  2. What all information we need to gather for submitting tender?
  3. For fulfilling the contract what are the resources that are required?
  4. Who will be the tender managing person in the company?
  5. How the work is going to be assigned, the distribution of workload, meeting schedules etc?
  6. What are the chances of winning the tender and who are the competitors who would be bidding for the specific tender?

Review the recently similarly awarded information:

If possible try to analyze and study the recently awarded notices in similar product profile from a similar buyer. If the tender notice is not clear then try to contact the buyer for additional clarification as and when required.

Write a compelling and effective bid:

Before writing a bid proposal plan it drafts it and refines it. All the response forms provided by the buyer needs to be used and answer all the questions requested in the tender. Try to follow the page limit requested and the format as requested by the buyer. Avoid formatting fonts and text, provided it is required by the buyer. Get a clear idea about the structure and the proposal you are going to make. Analyze the key differentiator of your proposal in comparison to other competitors. Find out the exact requirement government is looking out for to source from the bidder. Try to stick to the requirement of the buyer. If you do not have any skilled tender proposal writing skills then if possible hire professional services to make sure that your tender proposal marks its uniqueness to the buyer.

Revisiting payment schedule mentioned by the buyer:

Before going for bidding try to understand the payment schedule mentioned by the buyer in the tender, which might differ from agency to agency and buyer to buyer. If it is mentioned in the tender that payment schedule will be on completion basis then you need to analyze if you are capable to manage the on-going expenses like salaries, infrastructure etc till the time the first phase payment is processed by the buyer. If required you can propose your

References and past experiences: Add as much related past experience you have for a similar product. Try to get references from the relevant project completion managers.

Checking for the proposal before submission: However careful you had been while drafting the proposal, but before the submission makes sure the proposal is rechecked by at least 2/3 more people or team to make sure that there are no mistakes undertaken while drafting the proposal. This is utmost required because a small mistake might lead to rejection of your proposal thus nullifying your efforts of drafting the proposal.

Presentation of a proposal: In some cases, the buyer might ask you to present the proposal in front of the evaluation committee. While doing so make sure you focus on the key pointers of your proposal which differentiates your proposal in comparison to other competitors but at the same time fulfilling the buyer’s requirement.

Non-success of the proposal: If your company has not been successful to win the contract, then you can always ask the buyer for the debriefing on the tender. Evaluation panel feedback will help you to avoid similar mistakes in future bids. This will help you improve your future bid submissions.

Tendering is a process which requires thorough understanding and study. Just by filling up the forms and attaching the documents is not going to win a bid for your company. Every smaller step needs to be followed by submitting the bid. Your biding starts from the first point of contact to the buyer. So make sure to record and keep a track of each and every conversation you had during the initial stage of bidding decision till the bid is submitted successfully.

For better bid proposals try to study the buyer past projects implemented, the past contracts awarded. If required try to hire professional services who can help you draft the winning proposals. Services of companies like dgMarket can also be sourced to receive information of right opportunities right in your mailbox. Other services like bid facilitation can also be sourced to bid for the tenders in different countries, as dgMarket has the past experience of helping companies to bid for tenders in different countries with the help of their local associates, local offices and local partners.

After all winning bid is what all are looking out for.