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Country of operations Zimbabwe
Description The African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), is the African Union’s Specialized Agency for Capacity Development. Having spearheaded and robustly coordinated capacity development programs worth some 700 million US dollars across 48 countries and 8 regional economic communities (RECs) in Africa since 1991, ACBF has gathered the requisite experience that makes it the go-to institution for expert knowledge and human resources to facilitate the timely implementation of continental and national development agendas. As the African Union’s Specialized Agency for Capacity Development following over 27 years of solid work, the Foundation is best placed to advise and support African countries, regional economic communities and institutions on decisive steps to take to develop the practical skills urgently required for the continent’s economic transformation. Evidence from our cutting-edge work (constituting hundreds of knowledge publications) and the work of several partners show that Africa's development efforts are being hobbled by severe capacity deficits often in the form of shortage of critical skills, deficits in leadership, inhibiting mindsets and weak institutions. The continent’s practical skills shortage is acute in key areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Agriculture. Africa needs improved governance to succeed with its ambition for transformation, but it can only do this by covering the huge skills deficit the continent has in areas such as engineering (4.3 million more engineers are needed to tackle Africa’s infrastructure problems) and in raising its agricultural productivity to required levels (the continent needs 1.6 million more agricultural researchers and scientists). These are only a few of the dire needs shown in recent ACBF reports. Africa’s development needs therefore warrant donors, governments, civil society, the private sector and academia to invest in and support ACBF’s work not only based on its unrivalled experience in Africa in the world-class management of financial resources for large capacity development programs but also on its expertise on finding the evidence, providing knowledge resources and indispensable technical advisory services to African countries and institutions. At ACBF, we will continue using our unmatched track record in managing financial facilities for development, our vast knowledge gathering experience thanks to the exceptional skills mix of our core staff as well as our strong strategic partnerships and networks to help countries and institutions identify their capacity needs, advise them on how to plug these capacity weaknesses and on where to find the knowledge and resources to develop the requisite capacity resources, effectively use them and retain them to achieve their short and long-term development objectives. Our vision is an Africa capable of achieving its own development. From 2017-2021, we are relentlessly working toward this by enabling the effective delivery of Africa’s continental development priorities such as Agenda 2063, providing country-to-country support, spurring the private sector and civil society to effectively contribute to development and producing evidence-based knowledge for capacity development.
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Name Elizabeth Phiri
Title Procurement Unit| Finance and Administration Department
Address 2 Fairbairn Drive, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone +263-4 304663, 0304622, 332002, 332014; Ext. 234/M : +263 772 185 308–10

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