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dgMarket is one of the largest procurement portals in the world. Since 2002, dgMarket's dgMarket platform has been providing access to government procurement information from many countries (about $1 trillion in contracts per year), as well as to tenders and contract awards of development agencies.

With dgMarket, you can:

  • Browse millions of procurement notices and contract awards.
  • View tenders financed by all major international and bilateral development agencies, including procurement by the World Bank and the UN system.
  • Browse government procurement opportunities from a number of countries in Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
  • Receive free email alerts on bidding opportunities that fit your business profile.
  • Post procurement information for an international audience of suppliers.


Registration on dgMarket is free. Please register here. You can speed up the registration process by logging in with one of your social network accounts.

Once you have submitted your registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have successfully registered on the dgMarket website. Please make sure that you do not forget your password and that it is not available to others.

If you previously registered on one of the websites powered by dgMarket, you do not need to register again to log into this site.

Forgotten password

If you forgot your password, click here to have it reset. You will receive an email at the address you registered with. Click the link included in the email to create a new password.

Site sections

Government opportunities

Displays a list of current notices published on dgMarket. The list is grouped into industries and sub-industries. It can be further filtered based on buyer's country, notice type, and other criteria. <br />Please note that there are millions of procurement notices in our database. To speed up the site, they are grouped into Current notices (tenders with deadlines in the future, and recent notices without deadlines) and All notices. Please make sure you switch to All notices when looking for past tenders and contract awards.


This section, by default, displays a list of international development agencies and their projects. You can see summary project information by clicking on the buyer title. <br />To see the rest of the buyers (there are over half a million of them in our database) please use 'Search buyers' tool. There you can search for a buyer or project name, while filtering results by country and buyer type.


DACON is the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank's registry of consulting companies. You can register your consulting company for free. Full read access to the DACON database is included in dgMarket subscription.

International agencies

Displays a list of current notices published by international and bilateral development agencies


Search procurement notices

You can look for notices in your particular area of interest by going to 'Government procurement' or 'Tenders of development agencies', then entering a keyword and/or selecting a country. Search results will produce a list of procurement notices and a list of product/service categories most relevant to your search keywords. Consider filtering you search by one of these categories and then removing your original keywords from the search criteria, as this might help you find a longer list of relevant notices.

You can further filter your search results by multiple countries, languages and notice types. Please use filters listed in the left column of the search results page to get the result you need.

Please note that entering several keywords will limit search results to notices that have all of them in the text or in related information. In other words, searching for blue widgets means searching for blue AND widgets. If you need to find notices with an exact phrase, please use quotes (like "blue widgets"). Another reason to use quotes is when you need to find an exact form of a keyword (searching for "widgets" will ignore one widget). Finally, to find notices that contain one of the keywords, separate them with OR (like blue OR widgets).

Search buyers

To search for buyers, click Buyers tab, then type in a keyword and/or select a country and a type of buyers you are interested in.

Advanced search

You can narrow down your search for procurement notices by using different criteria allowing you to select a funding agency (in the case of tenders financed by international organizations), a notice status, and a notice type to obtain more precise results.

For archived notices, please select 'All notices' under 'Notice status'.

You can also use Advanced Search to find buyers, as well as projects of international development agencies.

E-mail alerts

To receive e-mail alerts you need to be registered with dgMarket.

We can send you an e-mail whenever we receive new tender opportunities matching your business needs.

Your existing e-mail alerts can be managed here. In particular, you can see there how many new tender notices each alert is likely to bring in over time.

We classify all procurement notices using Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) categories so that you can obtain more targeted and precise alerts. If you are not familiar with the CPV classification, you can find information about it at simap.europa.eu.

To set up a new e-mail alert, please search or browse for tender notices relevant to your line of business. You can extend or narrow down the scope of search results by navigating the hierarchy of CPV categories, adding or removing countries, selecting notice type, and so on. Once you are satisfied with precision of a result page, click 'Save &amp; Set alert' button on this page. We will alert you once we publish a new procurement notice that falls under the same search criteria.

You can define as many e-mail alerts as you need.

Types of Notices

There are several different types of procurement notices in our database. Official names of notice types vary from country to country and from buyer to buyer. These are the most common types:

Prior Information Notice (PIN)

A Prior Information Notice (general procurement notice, periodic indicative notice) is issued by some buyers to indicate that tenders (requests for proposals) are soon to follow.

Procurement Plan (PP)

Procurement Plans as published by some buyers to inform the public about their planned tenders.

Request For Proposals (RFP)

A Request for Proposals (invitation for bids, invitation to tender, or contract notice) informs suppliers that bidding documents are available and provides them with information on availability of bidding documents, deadlines and other details of tendering procedures.

Prequalification Notice (PPN)

A Prequalification Notice (invitation for prequalification) is issued when complex and detailed bids are required. Prequalification notices inform suppliers that prequalification for a contract is open and invites them to apply. Only those suppliers who prequalify will be issued an invitation to bid on that contract at a future date.

Request For Expressions of Interest (REI)

Requests for Expressions of Interest provide consultants with general information about upcoming tenders and invite consultants to submit information on their capacity to perform the assignment. This information is used to help create a short list of qualified firms or individuals that will be issued the formal request for proposals.

Contract Award (CA)

Once a contract is awarded, the buyers publishes an award notice for this contract. Such notices provide information on the date the contract was awarded, the name of the successful supplier and the value of the contract.

Paid services

Full text of paid tender notices (they are marked with a dollar sign), as well as full access to DACON database, is available to subscribers only. To choose your subscription package, please click here.