British International Investment highlights need for further investment in water infrastructure development
At a panel today at COP27, hosted by the UK Pavilion, British International Investment (BII) emphasised the need for more focus on investment and climate planning in the water and sanitation sectors across Africa to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

Water insecurity is major development challenge in Africa, which is being exacerbated by the climate emergency. The investment gap for water and sanitation infrastructure in Africa is $45-55 billion every year until 2025, but these estimates do not fully take account of the need to create climate resilient systems. Without accounting for climate change risks, countries may find themselves locked into inefficient systems that are ill-equipped to meet countries’ needs in a changing climate.

Chris Chijiutomi, BII’s Managing Director and Head of Infrastructure Equity, Africa said: “The climate emergency is already moving the goalposts on water sector investment. As well as meeting the existing acute development need for clean water and sanitation, investment in the sector must also take into account the shocks and stresses on ecosystems that are already being felt across Africa. BII intends to invest $200m into water infrastructures over the next five years, as part of our commitment to adaptation and resilience financing, and work to mobilise considerably more.”