The idea behind organizing webinars and e-round tables is to help the bid managers and decision makers from various geographies to connect, collaborate and share business opportunities. We aim to bring the best practices in tendering and bid management through the expertise and experience of our speaker partners and also to a large extent that of participants.

e-Procurement Solutions Information Session Electronic procurement, or E-Procurement as it is commonly referred to, is widely regarded as one of the most efficient tools available in managing procurement processes on the market today.

Although a recent entrant into this market our eProcure Solution is fast gaining a reputation for being a much sought after alternative to current market offerings. Some organizations have already made the move to procuring goods and services electronically whilst there are still many gearing up to make the move from traditional procurement procedures. Our Webinar is designed to highlight the huge benefits and ease of use for any business or organisation that regularly goes to the market to procure goods and services. With decades of experience in tendering and procurement, our staff will be there to answer questions about procurement and the benefits of our eProcure Solution.

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